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At My Fast Chargers, we are excited to offer you a chance to be a part of our innovative User Generated Content (UGC) team. This opportunity goes beyond the ordinary – it's about joining a movement dedicated to efficient charging solutions and environmental sustainability. As a valued member, you will receive complimentary products and compensation for your contributions.

Quick Summary: What's in Store for You

  • You're Chosen: We see something special in you! Your unique style and energy are what we need.
  • Flexible Creativity: Make content (videos, photos, audio) in your own way. Everything's negotiable! We would love to talk to you, about what you are keen to produce! If you are curious about what we are talking about, check out the inspiration section below!
  • Just for You: Pick a product from our range, use it, love it, and keep it!
  • Earn and Grow: Get $100 for your content set, with potential for more exciting projects ahead.
  • All About UGC: User-Generated Content is real, relatable content created by awesome people (you). It’s about genuine experiences, not scripted ads.
  • Our Marketing Approach: We'll be promoting your content across our channels, showcasing your creativity and our products in harmony.


Interested? Reach out to us either by phone 07 2111 8348 or the contact info at the bottom of this document.
At MyFastChargers, everything kicked off with one simple idea: Why should charging be a hassle, no matter where you are? We thought, let's change that!
Ever scrolled through Instagram or TikTok and seen those catchy, fun videos where people are showing off cool products? You know, the ones that make you stop and think, "Hey, I need that in my life!" Well, guess what? That could be you!

🌟Join Our Journey - My World, Fully Charged🌟

Do you love the thought of a fully charged phone all day, every day? That's the dream we're making true at My Fast Chargers. And you, with your flair and passion, could be a huge part of this adventure. We're not about stiff corporate collaborations; we're about real connections, creativity, and charging up life, literally and figuratively!

But hey, it's not just about awesome chargers for us.

Did you know that every time you buy from us, you're also helping the planet? Yup, we partner with Shopify Planet and Greenspark to plant trees and ship carbon-neutral. It's not just about charging up your phone; it's about charging up our world, sustainably. And that's something we're super passionate about, being proud Aussies with a big global dream!
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🌍We Want YOU!🌍

  • Age Range: Dynamic individuals aged 18-35.
  • A Personality: That is literally all we need. No need to be a sales person, just be you.
  • Location, Location, Location: Anywhere and everywhere. Your location is the perfect backdrop.
Visualise this: someone out there sees your video. They love how you've integrated our charger into your lifestyle. They get one for themselves and experience the same joy and convenience you shared. That's the chain reaction you'll be starting – exciting, right?

📝 How This Works: Your Roadmap to Success 📝

  • We call: Forget the traditional interviews, this is a conversation to see how we can collaborate the best!
  • Select & Love Your Product: Pick what excites you most.
  • Content Your Way: Let's brainstorm, but the final call on content is yours.
  • Shoot, Share, Shine: Create content that reflects your style and our brand ethos.
  • It's All About Teamwork: we brainstorm together, you bring your magic, and together we create something we're both crazy about!
  • Show the World: Post your content and bask in the glory of your creativity.
  • Reward & Repeat: $100 for your content set, with more adventures awaiting.

💡Why Collaborate with My Fast Chargers?💡

Quality and Innovation at Your Fingertips: Our products fit any lifestyle.
Eco-Conscious at Heart: Support carbon-neutral shipping and tree planting.
Customer Delight is Our Delight: Satisfaction guaranteed, always.
Proudly Australian, Globally Visioned: Australia wide, sustainably.

🤑A Win-Win Collaboration🤑

Teaming up with you means we get real, fun stuff that speaks to everyone – and hey, it's a smart move for both of us! You get to flex your creative muscles with cool tech, and we get content that truly resonates.

🌱Join Us in Energising a Sustainable Tomorrow🌱

This is more than just a partnership; it's your chance to be part of a story that charges up the future. Ready to create, inspire, and lead the charge with us?

🔗Be Inspired🔗

Here are some videos, which are produced by competitors, and ours will be of a similar style. Feel free to get some inspiration!

If you cannot load these, please let us know

📞Let’s Get Rolling! Contact Us📞

Got questions or just wanna chat? Drop us an email, give us a ring, or hit up our live chat on our website. We're all ears and can't wait to hear from you!


Call: 07 2111 8348
Visit: and contact us via live chat
Can't wait to see the energy you bring to our team!
Drew and the My Fast Chargers Team

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